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Madison Park

Original Composition by Benedict Lim

Tribute to victims of Covid 19


Program Notes for Madison Park


Madison Park is written during the time of the world Pandemic of Covid 19.  During this time, Lim’s mother also passed away;  and to this, this piece is written not only towards tribute to victims of covid 19 but to a deeper sense, it expresses a sorrow of sadness. 


Madison Park is a beautiful Park in heaven.  A loosely described subtitle of the composition is “a walk in the rose Garden”.  The composition demonstrates a slow harmonious stroll in this stunning garden as it  “experiences of walking up to reality introspection, and longing!


Originally, this composition is written for Piano in Db major, a rather unusual key but because of its dark tone color.  Lim spent a few months revising and rescore for F major feasible for youth orchestras and community organizations.  This version however is designed for orchestras that can play long, slow sustain passages which is typically more demanding!


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