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Benedict Lim


An Ethnomusicologist by trade and has received training under the mentorship of the great father of Ethnomusicology, Mantle Hood.   Lim is a producer, composer, percussionist, pianist, and an educator.  He was born in Hong Kong and moved to San Francisco after his college years in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. While in Baltimore, he attended Towson University and studied composition privately with Gordon Cyr, student of Roger Sessions at UC Berkeley. During his graduate studies, he met Pak Minarno from the Indonesian Embassy and began his life long research on central Javanese music and dancing.  After service in the Washington DC area, Mr. Lim moved to San Francisco started his music school, Music City Academy and remains to be active in the private teaching arena.  Mr. Lim joint City College of San Francisco in 1999, and has remain as music faculty teaching Ethnomusicology presently.  Topics of Mr. Lim’s special lectures include:  Contemporary Songs of Hong Kong, a counter part to the “American Idle” Yearly lecture series at City College of San Francisco, and 2002 “Kun Que Opera style and musical instruments”.  Mr. Lim also made a documentary film in 1988 "Chinese Percussion Instruments in Western Musical Repertoire: An Example of, Zhong Yiu-Kwong's Composition, Chariots Ballad".  Mr. Lim is a contributed writer of a textbook; Music! It’s Role and Importance in Our Lives”.  Among Lim’s compositions:- 1995 Etude, Piano Solo;1988 Oriental Fantasy, tenor saxophone; 1987 Good News, jazz chart; 1987 Concertino for horn, solo French horn and piano; 1987 The Creation: the Fourth Day, percussion ensemble - 8 players; 1986 The Biggest Elephant, tuba and piano; 1986 The Creation: the third day, solo percussionist and percussion ensemble;  1984 Vocane Music II "Paradise". Flute and Piano.  The Symphonic Poem: The Rape of Nanking is a new composition composed in 2016 that has a gap of 21 years without new works.




林栢德在舊金山建有個人音樂學校——音樂城學院,至今仍是該地區知名私教音樂學院之一。1999年起,林栢德受聘於舊金山城市學院任音樂教師,教授民族音樂至今。期間舉辦過多場專題講座,包括有:香港時代音樂的變遷; “美國偶像”(舊金山城市學院年度系列講座之一);昆曲的风格和乐器等。除音樂外,林栢德在影視製作、音樂教育方面亦成績斐然。1988年,製作了紀錄片“中国敲击乐器在西方音乐曲目中的應用:以鍾耀光的民谣作品为例”。除此之外,作為主編之一,林栢德編寫了教科書《音樂在我們生活中的角色和重要性》。



1984  霧秦音樂 II——天堂,長笛與鋼琴合奏

1986  巨象——大號和鋼琴合奏

1986  創作:第三天——敲擊樂獨奏與合奏

1987  創作:第四天——敲擊樂八重奏

1987  好消息——爵士樂譜

1987  協奏曲——圓號與鋼琴獨奏

1988  東方玄想——中音萨克斯

1995  練習曲——鋼琴獨奏

2016  交響詩——南京一二一三

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